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Kamal N Ibrahim
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Robert W Gaines
Hilali H Noordeen
Ahmet Alanay
Brian Kwon K
Hazem Elsabaie
Nils Hansen-Algenstaedt
Keith Luk Dip-Kei
Arvind Jayaswal
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Instruction for Poster Presentation


  • Presentation in the Poster Session will be numbered as listed in the programme.
  • The poster board area is 0.9m (width) x 1.5m (height).
  • The poster should be well labelled and organised under headings: Title, Researchers (underlined the Principal Investigator), Institute, Background, Objectives, Methods, Results and Conclusions. As for Case Reports, headings of “Objective”, “Methods” and “Results” are replaced with “Report”.
  • The illustrations should be readable from distance of 1 meter.
  • Posters must not be mounted on heavy board because they may be difficult to keep in position on the poster stands.
  • Double sided tapes will be provided onsite for mounting the displays.
  • The Organising Committee will not be responsible for posters that have not been dismounted by the stipulated time.
  • Kindly be informed that presenter may mount his/her poster for display from 1700 hrs on Wednesday, 7 December 2011. The posters should be displayed throughout the duration of the meeting and would have to be taken off after 1130 hrs on Sunday, 10 December 2011.




International Organising Committee
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Dr B Stephens Richards
Dr Hilali H Noordeen
Worldwide Conference Chair
Dr Ahmet Alanay

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Prof Dato’ Mohamad
Abdul Razak
Dr Abdul Halim Yusof
Dr Lim Heng-Hing
Business Manager
Dr Abdul Malek Hussein
Scientific Chairman
A/Prof Kwan Mun-Keong
Publicity And Promotion

Dr Harwant Singh
Dr Nurul Azwa Mohd Noor
Social Events
Dr Parameshwaran
Dr Chong Chee-Seang
Dr Saw Lim-Beng