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The Malaysian Spine Society Research Grant aims to promote scientific and clinical research amongst Malaysian spine surgeons. This is the endeavour of the MSS Research Committee to encourage society’s members to pursue academic, clinical, and surgical excellence by participating in research projects. With this grant, we hope that the members of MSS can contribute to novel, innovative, pioneering, and translational research that would impact the practice of spine surgery.


There will be four (4) grants (two (2) grants per term), each total up to RM10,000 awarded to:

  • Active member of MSS



The grant is open for application before the closing date for each term:

  • Closing date of 1st term: 30th June 2024
  • Closing date of 2nd term: 31st December 2024



  1. MSS active member (Annual Member with active subscription, or Life Member).
  2. Not less than 3 people.
  3. MSS surgeons are encouraged and will be given priority.
  4. Only support new research projects without other funding
  5. Research which is more than 50% completed will not be eligible.
  6. Research aimed at making financial gain will not be eligible.
  7. Research that directly promotes a product will not be eligible.
  8. Project duration should not exceed 2 years from the time the grant is awarded.
  9. Upon completion, the research project must be presented at the International MSS Scientific Meeting. Publication of the research project is strongly encouraged but not compulsory.


For more information, please download the APPLICATION GUIDELINES FOR MSS RESEARCH GRANT